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Production Company

Farallon Creative

Executive Producers

Jack Bushell & Neil Thekdi


Jack Bushell & Neil Thekdi

Director Of Photography

Jack Bushell


Cal Laird



Sound Designer

Cal Laird


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Gus Trailer

Gus, a former gang member in one of the most notorious gangs in Los Angeles, started selling drugs at the age of 13, and was in and out of juvenile hall all through his adolescence. After over 20 years of gangbanging, Gus ended up incarcerated on an attempted murder charge. 5 days after being released from prison, he was shot twice in the right leg - eventually having to get it amputated and replaced with a prosthetic. Having been surrounded by violence for such a long time, Gus finally decided to make a change. He started working with Father Greg, the founder of Homeboy Industries. Gus decided to turn his life around, not only by stopping his own gangbanging ways, but also by mentoring adolescents to live more wholesome lives.  Today he works at a movie theater, as a volunteer at Homeboy Industries, as a coach for a t-ball league and as a motivational speaker. He is known for being one of the first gang members to every step foot in the White House. He has a newfound passion for changing societal norms in some of East LA’s most dangerous neighborhoods.



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