Founded in 2017 by Jack Bushell, Farallon LLC is a production company specializing in short-form scripted and unscripted content.


Production Company

Farallon Creative & Flyswatter Productions


Executive Producers

Jack Bushell & Alex Herz



Alex Herz, Jack Bushell, Maddie O'Hara, Nicole Stock


Director of Photography

Jack Bushell



Alex Herz





Sound Designer

Alex Herz



Phil Cole



Nice Shoes


Sound Mixer

Connor Stock



Bay Area Sound



JÖRMUNDUR Official Trailer (2018) | 4K

In the winter of 1972, Jörmundur Ingi Hansen sat down with his acquaintances in a small cafe in Iceland and established the Ásatrú Fellowship, a modern religious association with roots in Norse paganism. From 1994-2002, he served as high priest, promoting religious tolerance and a deep connection to the natural world. Today, Jörmundur owns a vintage men’s clothing store in downtown Reykjavík, and is regarded as one of Iceland’s cultural figureheads. Follow him on a journey through the mythical Icelandic wilderness as he discusses science, faith, and the true power of being at one with nature.



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